Plaster Art Journal


My SimplyLiving Plaster Art Journal
Please consider joining me as I make art in this SimplyLiving Plaster Art Journal.
I purchased this journal at Michaels.
It is white with a fabric covering.  The pages are perfect for taking Gesso or Matte Medium and also hold up well under lots of layers of mixed media.

I changed the cover of this art journal by applying plaster,
which makes it feel so amazing!

Someday I plan to paint on the cover, but until I am inspired to do so,
here’s what I do inside.

Okay, I’ve gotten inspired to finish the cover of my Plaster Art Journal.  I added mixed media with Matte Medium and then finished it with encaustic medium.  Stayed tuned for what I’ve learned about encaustic – you won’t want to miss it because it is so amazing!  I think you’ll agree.


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My newest page…
(You can click on any picture for a LARGER view)

I just started a new on-line art class on Monday, November 9 with Ivy Newport called Flight and Feather and I’m loving it.  Today we had our first journal entry and of course I want to record my studies in my wonderful Plaster Journal that I made from one of Ivy’s tutorials.
Here’s my first spread called “Feather Study”

Photography by Constance of

From Left to Right: Pheasant Feather, Blue Jay Feather & Parrot Feather in Charcoal & White Gesso

Here’s my second spread called “Wing Study”

I will add my bird in flight on the left side at some point…

Here’s my fourth spread called “Inky Blackbirds”

Although I didn’t really like this technique at the time, I like seeing the art that came out of it.

Here’s my sixth spread called “An Orange Colored Nest” inspired by “Lethargy”, a song written by my youngest son, Matthew.  You can listen to the song at Matthew Reeder Music.

This is a mixed media page using pieces from magazines and a quote from Leonardo da Vinci

Where It All Began…
IMG_4688If you would like more information on how I made this amazing Plaster of Paris cover for my SimplyLiving Art Journal, click HERE

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IMG_4690  Inspired by 1 Peter 3:3-4 “In God’s Sight”, after watching Ivy’s Video

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IMG_4696 Inspired by Hebrews 13:2 & Matthew 6:22-23 “The Eye”

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IMG_4692 Inspired by Luke 9:57 “Lord, I Will Follow You”.  I have put this one on a large canvas!

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IMG_4693Inspired by an 1899 painting called “Clematis”, I titled this one “Melancholy” because I noticed that the way I was feeling on that particular day was displayed in my art.
I watched Jeanne’s Video from “The Living Studio” course, while creating this piece.

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IMG_4723  Inspired by Hebrews 12:2 “Fix Your Eyes On Jesus”, on the left
Inspired by Psalm 62:5 “Yes, My Soul, Find Rest in God”, on the right

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IMG_4737  Inspired by Cover of Hudson Taylor’s Autobiography, on the left
a self portrait of me, at Easter when I was a baby, on the right
I seriously laughed my way through my self portrait!  I did my best, but still Mr. Taylor seemed to be shocked at my efforts! Ha Ha! 🙂

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On the left, Inspired by a great class I am taking online called “Nature’s Canvas” by Tania Bain on the Jeanne Oliver Design Creative Network
on the right, Inspired by Luke 5:11 my favorite Bible verse!  “And (she) pulled (her) boat up on the shore, left everything and followed Him.”  The Constance Version


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Inspired by a wonderful class I took with Ivy Newport called
“Rainy Day Art Journaling”.  You can take it too, HERE.
I call this piece
“Darkness Into Light – Cleansed by the Blood of The Lamb!”


“He has loved us with an everlasting love.” “Cleansed by the Blood of The Lamb.” “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, & mind.”

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Happy SimplyLiving!