Spring Time Fun!



When the weather report showed rain for Easter Sunday many began praying and sure enough God heard the prayers and Saturday night while I was grocery shopping, a down pour began! I was hoping like crazy that this was the rain we were supposed to get on Sunday coming a little earlier than thought. 🙂

Sure enough that’s exactly what happened and Easter Sunday turned out to be gorgeous! After a wonderful time of worship and God’s Word in a great sermon on Sunday morning, we headed home for a yummy Taco Feast, an Easter video, and the coloring of our newest Easter Poser 2016.

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We all had fun and were excited to see our new Easter poster put together and up on the wall…


This verse really stood out to me as we finished our Tuesday morning Precept Bible study of the Book of Acts, and so it was added to our Easter poster for 2016.  It’s a great question – Why do some find it incredible if God does raise the dead?  Our God is a Great God – with Him nothing is impossible!

I pray that your Easter celebration was wonderful and that you are enjoying the beautiful Spring Time days with lots of fun outdoors in the cool green grass with all the new buds growing around you.



All photography by Constance of SimplyLiving101

Jesus Christ has Risen Indeed!!!  Hallelujah!  Happy SimplyLiving!


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