Isaiah 55:6 Scripture Painting



I was thinking my three paintings would look really great hanging on the wall with Scripture accompanying them, rather than just giving them the title, “And His Eye Is On Me”.

So I picked Isaiah 55:6 and I think it’s perfect to accompany any of these paintings.

Isaiah55 6 2

Blinkin Squiggle

Isaiah55 6 3


I painted Isaiah 55:6 on a framed canvas unlike the other paintings which are on hardboard, flat canvas – which will make the Scripture stand out more on the wall.  I think they all go together perfectly and I will definitely be making more of these Scripture paintings!

You can find them all in My Art Shop – Happy SimplyLiving101!


2 thoughts on “Isaiah 55:6 Scripture Painting

    • Thank you so much Victoria. It’s nice to still be able to do small amounts of art while feeling so sick. 🙂 Hopefully this flu will pass quickly – Thank you for your prayers and for stopping by my blog!



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