Join Me For A Study?


On Sunday, November 1st,  I will begin a Bible study I have written and illustrated called “November Thankfulness”.   If you are interested in studying with me, you can read each day HERE and answer the questions in a special journal of your own, or you have my permission to download it and print it out.

You may like to REQUEST TO JOIN our Facebook Group Page for November Thankfulness HERE where we can leave comments and have a time of fellowship regarding our study.

I like to have my “November Thankfulness” printed out and in color, so I downloaded it onto my flash stick and had it printed out at Office Depot – you can do the same at any print shop.


If you choose to print it out, you may like to put it in a binder as I have allowed room in the left margin for holes to be punched for use in a three-ring binder. You can also put it in a Clear Report Cover with a Sliding Bar, which is what I have chosen to do.



I hope you will consider joining me; it’s great when you have others to study God’s amazing Word with.   If you have any questions regarding “November Thankfulness”, please ask in the comment space below.  I would love to hear from you 🙂


Happy SimplyLiving!


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