Gospel Read Thru, Luke 16-18

PumpkinGarlandWelcome to Gospel Read Thru In October!  We are reading through all four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John from October 1st to the 31st.  If you are not familiar with the details of this Gospel Read Thru, but would like to join us, please go to Gospel Read Thru Details and print out the Schedule. Once you have completed the reading for October 22, you may like to return here to answer the following questions.  Please keep in mind, these questions are totally optional.

autumflowers-Luke 16-18 Questions-

1. Considering all that Jesus has said in Luke 16, what do you think the Parable of the Unrighteous Steward is about?
2. How can we apply Luke 17:7-10 to our every day lives?

3. When exactly were the ten leprous men healed?
4. What will it be like in the days of the Son of Man?
5. Why did Jesus tell the Parable about the widow and the judge?
6. Why does blind Bartimaeus call Jesus the Son of David?

*Remember to always stay within the context of what is being said and support your answer with Scripture.


These are just very simple questions, but you can take it a step further and ask yourself what is happening in each chapter.  As there is a change of subject, mark it in the margin of your Bible.

Ask yourself:  Who is Matthew speaking to or about?  Who is Jesus speaking to?  What is going on?  When is it taking place?  Where are they located?  Why is Jesus saying what He is saying or Why are the Pharisees saying what they are saying?  How are the people responding to Jesus?  Are there any prophesies about Jesus?  Are they being fulfilled?


Now that you have finished your reading of Luke 16-18 and answered the questions above, please stop by the Gospel Read Thru In October Facebook page and leave a comment about something that stood out to you while you read Luke 16-18. You may even like to leave a comment about one of the questions above or read what others have commented on and encourage another group member in their daily reading.

Great job with your reading today!  Thank you for understanding while I took a break from writing questions for the Gospel Read Thru in October and focused on prayer for my sister-in-law.  I have continued to do the Read Thru and am glad to see that you have continued to do the same.  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page.


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Here are Matthew 1-5 questions, October 1
Here are Matthew 6-9 questions, October 2
Here are Matthew 10-12 questions, October 3
Here are Matthew 13-15 questions, October 4
Here are Matthew 16-18 questions, October 5
Here are Matthew 19-21 questions, October 6
Here are Mark 10-12 questions, October 13
Here are Luke 7-8 questions, October 18
Here are Luke 13-15 questions, October 21

Here is the Gospel Read Thru Schedule.


2 thoughts on “Gospel Read Thru, Luke 16-18

  1. I just finished the reading for today. Then I answered the questions for yesterday. The first thing that popped out at me was 19:1 – 9. Zacchaeus wanted to see who Jesus was and ran ahead and climbed a sycamore-fig tree to be able to see Jesus as he passed. I can only imagine his amazement when the Lord called him by name and told him to come dowm from the tree. And for Jesus to tell him he must stay at his house that night. Zacchaeus must have been astonished and fillled with love for Jesus. He immediately came
    down and repented to the Lord, giving up half his possessions and making ammends to all those he had cheated. “The Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” This is an amazing example of The Lord’s purpose in coming to save us. Not to be outdone by His giving up his life for our redemption! Amazing!


    • Beautifully written Linda and so true, and comparing Zaccheus with the rich young ruler in Luke 18 is quite the contrast. Thank you so much for leaving a comment – I love you! 🙂



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